About Cinvex

CINVEX- Current Indian Veterinary Index is India’s first and only registered veterinary drug index since 2000. With its unprecedented popularity and usefulness, the information superhighway of Indian drugs grossly divides veterinary practice by information gathering and updating as ‘before CINVEX’ and ‘after CINVEX’.

CINVEX became an instant hit among vets since its first issue’s release in 2000. Now, CINVEX caters to a large group of professionals in this field like veterinary students, practitioners, decision makers in the purchase department or wing of government departments, pharmacists, medical retailers, laboratory technicians, veterinary and medical sales representatives, farm owners, farm managers, farm supervisors, farm consultants, medicine manufactures, pharmaceutical R & D, pet owners, pet shop owners, breeders etc.



Drug indexing in CINVEX follow international standards and presentation style. Even when adhering to the scientific and systematic approach to the system-wise drug indexing, we keep it so simple that a vet in emergency shouldn’t find it difficult to find out a product he or she needed in time. Our broad classification is based on anatomical systems and sub-category is by major drug action or utility.


For the most of Indian veterinary practitioners, who are not concentrated or focused in a particular sector of practice such as pet animal, small animal, large animal or poultry practices, we introduced the revolutionary all-in-one format. The indications are clearly given with monograms indicating each species. To help the exclusive poultry practitioner, the drugs used in poultry were given special poultry monogram.


To make it easy to search a product or generic drug, we have combined the generic and brand names into one single index in which generic names are given special prominence.


To utilize CINVEX as an exclusive poultry index, we have indexed drugs and brands using in poultry practice separately. This is a unique feature in indexing history that, one index can be used as different categorical indices as per the practitioner’s utility and requirement.


As an indicator to our commitment to save lives of those silent creatures, we have incorporated a toxicology section which deals with toxicity of animal, plant, mould and chemical origin.


We provide A to Z information about each drug in a highly precise and concise manner. Each drug’s category, action, indication, dosage, route of administration and precautions are given in crystal clear and simple language to make it highly user-friendly.


For the generic drug information, we are depending upon standard textbooks in medical and veterinary pharmacology. The product information gathered in CINVEX is a compilation obtained from the marketing and product formulation departments directly to ensure the accuracy, genuinity and updation. And we are regularly in contact with the leading formularies worldwide for the time to time validation of dosage and usage. Even though the drug may not be available as a veterinary product in India, if it is recommended for veterinary usage, we are keen to incorporate those products from leading pharma manufacturers in our CINVEX, so that, those practitioners who want to be updated with international scenario will not be disappointed.


At the most updated metros or at the most interior villages, where ever you are, CINVEX serves your purpose as we are incorporating products which are available throughout India only. We don’t incorporate product which are highly localized in sales, because we don’t want to put the practitioner into a state of handicap when he needs a product.


CINVEX is widely in use among the vets in SAARC countries and Middle East where Indian brands are popular. Due to the genuine, precise, crisp and pin-pointed nature of information in the formulary part, CINVEX popular among vets abroad also. Even in the places where Indian products are not available CINVEX enjoys popularity for the quantum and quality of information it provides. Also CINVEX is the first choice of reference for the pharmaceutical manufacturers who are keen to enter the Indian market. Technocrats at the product formulation and marketing levels of pharmaceutical manufacturers, depends on CINVEX to be updated about competition develops in the market from time to time.

High end officials and Decision makers in the Government Departments and institutions use CINVEX as a standard reference when deciding bulk purchase of drugs.


CINVEX is available through a number of distributors across India. We reach each and every nuke and corner through our dedicated supply network.


If you are unable to reach a supplier, no need to worry. Just place your order online Or else you can make a booking via e-mail at cinvex@cinvex.in or cinvex@yahoo.com or through post to VETADS CREATION PRIVATE LIMITED, THALEENA, ASHTAMICHIRA.P.O, THRISSUR DT-680 731.KERALA with any of the following modes of payment.

1) Demand Draft in favour of VETADS CREATION PRIVATE LIMITED Payable at MALA, Thrissur, Kerala. Please write your Name and Full Address on reverse of Demand Draft.

2) Account Payee cheque in the name of VETADS CREATION PRIVATE LIMITED. Demand Draft and Cheque can be send to VETADS CREATION PRIVATE LIMITED, THALEENA, ASHTAMICHIRA.P.O, THRISSUR DT-680 731.KERALA by post or courier along with correspondence.

3) Account Transfer to A/c No: 32270818361, State Bank of India, Mala Branch (Branch Code: 13752). IFS Code: SBIN0013752. Please put your name in the narration column, if you are depositing directly to our account (Other than Account Transfer). Ask the person in the cash counter to enter your name in the narration column while processing. After depositing please message your name and full postal address and the remittance details like name and branch of bank to +91-95442 111 44 or mail to cinvex@yahoo.com

As soon as the payment for CINVEX is confirmed your copy will be dispatched to your specified delivery address.

Note : Please specify your mode of payment in your correspondence to us.